Wednesday, June 06, 2001

the end

I left Korea two days ago. Two great two months, and it leaves me with nothing to write about in the near future. I suppose people won`t be too interested in articles about reverse culture shock, rants and all that so I better improve my staggering Japanese instead of sitting in front of the laptop. I`m in Tokyo again, for six days, meeting my girl and enjoying the time as good as possible before I have to go back - I`ll miss a lot:

Kimbap, Haeunde, natural well-springs, low living costs, internet "bangs", faster-than-light service, tea houses, curious Koreans, chamchi sandwiches at the theater-bakery and the tight scedule every week that kept me from getting lost in the internet again. ;-)

Hope you liked it, check my homepage sometime in the future for new journals. I`ll add a special picture page as soon as I solved the problem of webspace, accessible from here or the main page.

Sunday, June 03, 2001

meeting friends

My last day in Korea. I used the time to buy many souvenirs and meet with friends, namely Lee Jaeyon, Bak Hye Gyeong and Lee Jeeyoung. I`ve studied Japanese in Kyoto together with Jaeyon, with Hye Gyeong was my first regular Korean exchange partner two years ago, and Jeeyoung is a good friend of my girlfriend, we met in Seoul last year for the first time. And no, she didn`t make me eat dog meat. ;-) It was nice to meet them again.

new glasses

My old glasses reached already the age of 5. It was time for new ones, and I heard in Korea it's cheaper. Well, I waited too long, being it already sunday I thought I could forget it. I have to leave tomorrow, so this my last full day in Korea. Walking around with Jaeyon, I asked if it were possible to buy glasses. Yepp, he said. But it's sunday. Doesn't matter, shops are closed on sunday in Germany only. Nice. The second surprise was the price at the shop, even frameless specs with springs were sold as low as 30.000 Won. Try to get something like that in Germany, you easily pay 100.000 or more. Then I thought, I'd have to take them a they were because creating the right glasses for my eyes would take a few days. Nope. They checked my eyes and told me to come back in one and a half hours. Now that's service!